Do you know EXACTLY where your REVENUE GROWTH will come from?

Be confident you can achieve your business vision using our three-step process to Build Your Revenue Growth Plan

Not sure if you can grow in your current market?

Don't have a plan to sell new offerings to your current customers?

Not sure where else you could sell your existing products?

Worried your revenue from current markets could some day disappear?

Get a handle on these and many more challenges as you Build Your Revenue Growth Plan!

What clients have to say . . .

"If you're at a place where your business might seem stagnant, out of control, or you are ready to take the next step, Thomas is a good solution to help clear some of the hurdles that may seem too large right now."

Sean Collins  | Owner/President
Fault Line Plumbing, Inc.

"Thomas helped us build the company framework & infrastructure needed to realize our goal to double the sales of our company over the next 7 years."

Pat Tool  | CEO/President
Polymer Technologies, Inc.

"I now have a multiyear plan to help guide my decision making and increased confidence that I am going in the right direction, and why."

Jeff Ansley | Owner/President
Natron Resources

When you complete the program, you will have the following outcomes

A documented, validated and executable revenue growth plan

A list of vetted customers and offerings you will need to execute your plan

Detailed revenue objectives by target market for Year 3 and your ultimate revenue goal

Guidance on "Next Steps" to get you executing to your plan today

All these outcomes, when combined together, will give you confidence that your Revenue Growth Plan will support your company vision

Program Overview

The Build Your Revenue Growth Plan is delivered to you in a three-step process using self-paced, online video training and downloadable engagement exercises.

Decide how much growth you need and where you think it could come from

Build a revenue growth model* to meet your business vision.

*A powerful tool helps you identify markets you could tap to achieve your growth objectives.

Validate and document what you really know about your target markets

Learn how to analyze* your existing and future markets for their growth potential.

*A simple yet comprehensive tool to summarize the market insight you need in order to make informed decisions.


Use your market insight to plan how you are going to achieve your growth objectives

Use your market insight to decide what combination of customers and offerings* will be required to reach your revenue growth objectives
*A revenue growth plan tied to an Excel spreadsheet that documents exactly where your growth will come from.
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Program Details

Interactive on-line learning experience that delivers the content to you in a systematic, step-by-step manner -- you set the pace

You are led step-by-step to apply this planning process to your business through video instruction as if you had a virtual Chief Marketing Officer on your team:

  • Leading you - through 42-minutes of video training delivered via a learning management system
  • Showing you - exactly what you need to do - you never have to guess what you need to do next
  • Challenging you - to ask and answer key questions
  • Debriefing you - after exercises and guiding you based on your answers before moving on to the next step
  • Helping you - get full value from the 5 embedded exercises and downloadable resources
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Don't just hope for Revenue Growth.

Know EXACTLY where your revenue will come from.

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Build Your Revenue Growth Plan Program

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Don't let another day go by without knowing for sure where you Revenue Growth will come from.

Be Inspired. Eliminate Confusion. Reach Your Goals.

Thomas Mele is the Founder and CEO of Mele Group, LLC. He started this firm in 2014, with the sole purpose of helping business owners reach their full potential and achieve remarkable business results.

Thomas spent 25 years as an executive leader in the Semiconductor Industry after receiving his PhD in Electrical Engineering and those life experiences developed in him a systematic approach to business with a keen focus to detail.

He is a proven professional who guides business owners to gain clarity on their business vision and strategy, grow sales and profits, build high-performance employees, teams and leaders, and continuously improve their operations.

Thomas is the creator of the Build Your Revenue Growth Plan and has been using it to elevate his clients' business performance since 2014.

What clients have to say . . .

"Our business is doing GREAT! We have a clear vision and structured set of goals we want to achieve.  We now set goals and we achieve them!"

Ray Carrier  | Owner
Take Care Termite & Pest Control

"I can say without a doubt that because of Thomas' coaching I have been able to build a rock solid real estate business that is highly profitable, beaming with talented people, while still allowing me more time freedom than ever before possible."

Natalie Swanson  | Broker/Owner
Natalie Swanson Real Estate Team

"I created a vision and path for the law practice I wanted.  He helped me to develop a strategy to achieve my goals  and provided a pragmatic way to reach those milestones."

Kirsten Barranti | Attorney at Law
Barranti Law Group, P.C.
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