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A powerful online program with private, one-on-one coaching support to help you build your business to provide the life you want.

Get started today to prepare your business to thrive post COVID-19.

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When you became a business owner, did you do it because you wanted a business or did you do it because you wanted the lifestyle you thought owning a business could provide?

Likely it was for the lifestyle . . . and for good reason.

There is something powerfully rewarding about owning and building a business.  It is part of the American dream.

Not sure how to prepare your business to spring back post COVID-19?

Have you reached your income goals, but worry about holding it all together?

Have you realized strong revenue growth, but not profit growth?

Do you ever wonder if you'll be able to successfully exit your business and retire?

Do you feel like your business owns you?

Ever wonder what you could be missing?

It's not lack of commitment, or passion, or effort . . . .

You need a growth execution system and some help implementing it.

Business Growth Execution System

An integrated vision, planning and execution system to help you grow and build your business to provide the life you want.

The System is delivered to you in a three-module Program that combines self-paced, online video training and downloadable engagement exercises with private, live, one-on-one coaching support.

Create a company vision that excites you and your team.

Stop wondering what your business needs to become to thrive and provide the life you want.

Let's define the life you want, then create a vision for your company that connects you with why you first got started and describes exactly what you have to build.

Our work here will enable you to . . .

  • Work with renewed passion and confidence

  • Know exactly what you need to have in place from a financial, customer, process and team perspective to reach your long-term goals
  • Inspire your team and attract top talent

Clarity | Purpose | Inspiration

Build an executable 3-year business plan to realize your vision.

Why lie awake at night wondering where your revenue or profit growth will come from or what investment is needed next?

Let's assess the current state of your business, decide where your growth will come from, model your financial performance and set your targets and priorities for the next 3 years.

Our work here will enable you to . . .

  • Have a revenue growth plan that identifies the customers and offerings you need to achieve your objectives

  • Ensure your company is profitable and financially strong as it grows

  • Operate and invest with confidence and the proper priorities

Revenue | Profit | Priorities | Confidence


Establish a rhythm of execution to achieve your company vision.

No need to constantly ask yourself why everyone seems to be working so hard yet often nothing seems to get done or why every decision or problem ends up in your office.
Let's build a cohesive team, design a scalable organization, then install the processes to keep your team on track to achieve your key results.

Our work here will enable you to . . .

  • Have a team that holds each other accountable to achieve results

  • Know what positions to you need and the results they are to produce

  • Improve employee engagement and empowerment

Accountability | Engagement | Results

When fully implemented in your business, the System will give you:
Business plan, your Strategy, that shows exactly what you need to do and achieve over the next 3 years to realize your vision
Execution management system to keep you and your team on track to deliver the results you need on a daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly basis
Relationship with a coach to hold you accountable and help you when you get stuck or off track

Membership in a community of business owners using the same system and sharing best practices

All these outcomes, when combined together, will result in you experiencing more revenue, more profit, more free time and more FUN!

"I can say without a doubt that because of Thomas' coaching I have been able to build a rock solid real estate business that is highly profitable, beaming with talented people, while still allowing me more time freedom than ever before.  At the current rate of growth, we will hit our 10-year plan in under 4 years."

Natalie Swanson | Broker/Owner | Natalie Swanson Real Estate Team

"Thomas was a tremendous help and instrumental to our growth."

Darrell Jobe | Founder/CEO | Vericool Inc

"From the utilization of the OKR process to stay focused & on track, to the documentation of all the jobs needed to be done, we are ahead of schedule in realizing our 3, 5 and 10 year goals."

Pat Tool | CEO/President | Polymeric Technologies, Inc.

Program Element Details

Coaching Support
  • Eight, (8), 30-minute private coaching sessions with your consultant, Thomas Mele via web conferencing are included in the program to be used at any time within 2 years of purchase
  • Hosted private Facebook group where members can post questions and get answers from Thomas and others in the community
  • Hosted live training sessions delivered via video conferencing, where program participants can join an open forum and ask Thomas questions
  • Program participants can book time with Thomas for additional private one-on-one coaching delivered via web conferencing at a special discounted program rate

"Thomas has deep experience in operations and management and provided great insight to supplant the reading materials and exercises."

Jeff Ansley | Owner/President | Natron Resources

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Online Training
  • Interactive learning experience that delivers the content to you in a systematic, step-by-step manner -- you set the pace
  • Over 7 hours of video training presented in 14 lessons
  • 40 downloadable worksheets, workbooks and tools
  • Done-for-you Excel financial spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations

You will be led step-by-step on how to apply this system to your business through video instruction as if you had a virtual Chief Operating Officer on your team:

  • Showing you exactly what you need to do - you never have to guess what you need to do next
  • Pointing out what questions you should be asking and answering
  • Debriefing you after exercises and guiding you based on your answers before moving on to the next step

Each module has examples of completed exercises for fictitious companies so you can compare your work.

Your program tuition gives you unlimited access to the online course materials and any upgrades as well as the option to purchase additional private one-on-one consulting time with Thomas at your program discounted rate for a full 2 years from your date of purchase.

This combination of self-paced, online training in combination with one-on-one support when you need it maximizes your productivity and enables you to get coaching support in the format you desire and at a level you can afford.

Schedule a complimentary 30-min Strategy Session with Thomas

"We recently went through a significant leadership change and needed help in alignment within our senior team around a common vision and strategy for company growth.  Thomas led us as a team through a step-by-step process that resulted in an executable single page strategy."

Kelly Warren | VP, HR | AeroPrecision

"Thomas provided me with the tools, discipline and accountability I needed to sort through the many options to arrive at a strategy and operating model that fully takes advantage of my training, is compatible with my patient care philosophy and will meet my lifestyle objectives."

Dr. Nadia Flynn | Flynn's Chiropractic Sport and Spine

Money-Back Guarantee
30-day full refund

Elevate Your Business - Elevate Your Life

Start building your business to provide the life you want today

Business Growth Execution System

- Special Summer 2020 Offer -

Eight (8) additional 30-minute private coaching sessions with Thomas

($1,700 value if purchased without the Program)

Total Investment: $4,997

(One-time & Six-month Payment Plans Offered)

Schedule a complimentary 30-min Strategy Session with Thomas

Don't let another day go by without knowing for sure that your business is on track to provide you the life you want.

Be Inspired. Eliminate Confusion. Reach Your Goals.

Elevate Your Business and Your Life Today!

Thomas Mele
Founder & CEO

Thomas Mele is the Founder and CEO of Mele Group, LLC. He started this firm in 2014, with the sole purpose of helping business owners reach their full potential and achieve remarkable business results.

Thomas spent 25 years as an executive leader in the Semiconductor Industry after receiving his PhD in Electrical Engineering and those life experiences developed in him a systematic approach to business with a keen focus to detail.

He is a proven professional who guides business owners to gain clarity on their business vision and strategy, grow sales and profits, build high-performance employees, teams and leaders, and continuously improve their operations.

Thomas is the creator of the Business Growth Execution system and has been using it to elevate his clients' business performance since 2014.

The Business Growth Execution System has been used successfully in over 25 different industries, from start-ups to $100M+ businesses,
with teams from 2 to 100+ people.
What clients have to say . . .

"During this process, I also discovered who I am as a person.  I discovered that my life was more than just business, but rather working on improving the business while keeping my philanthropic and other personal interests in mind."

Mony Nop  | Owner/Realtor
Mony Nop Real Estate Team

"Thomas helped us build the company framework & infrastructure needed to realize our goal to double the sales of our company over the next 7 years."

Pat Tool  | CEO/President
Polymer Technologies, Inc.

"I now have a multiyear plan to help guide my decision making and increased confidence that I am going in the right direction, and why."

Jeff Ansley | Owner/President
Natron Resources

"Our business is doing GREAT! We have a clear vision and structured set of goals we want to achieve.  We now set goals and we achieve them!"

Ray Carrier  | Owner
Take Care Termite & Pest Control

"If you're at a place where your business might seem stagnant, out of control or you are ready to take the next step, Thomas is a good solution."

Sean Collins  | Owner/President
Fault Line Plumbing, Inc

"I created a vision and path for the law practice I wanted.  He helped me to develop a strategy to achieve my goals  and provided a pragmatic way to reach those milestones."

Kirsten Barranti | Attorney at Law
Barranti Law Group, P.C.

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